1) ..is it for real? Yes! Starting from the last edition, the Regatta Team has decided, in partnership with K-WAY and Kappa, to satisfy one of your biggest dreams: the official apparel of your favorite event at ESCP Europe!


2) Which products can I buy? We decided to remain consistent with the spirit of sailing, so we have created for you a unique collection of shirts and jackets ready to wear on your boat. You can have a look by clicking on one of our Collections. 

Plus, if you are interested in collector items, we designed the T-Shirt Regatta ESCP Europe 2015 Limited Edition, available only in few dozens.

3) What are the Crew KitsIt is how we decided to enhance the team spirit of you and your friends. More specifically, they are discounted product bundles on which we offer a customization for free.

4) How can I proceed with the customization of my Crew Kit? As soon as you purchase one Crew Kit, we will contact you in order to discuss the customization opportunities. You will be able to provide us your own logo and name. Please be aware that at least 4 people from the same Crew have to purchase the Crew Kit in order to proceed with the free customization. Also, for logistic matters, we will not be able to process any customization later than April 20th, 2015. For more information, please refer to our Crew Kit Tutorial.

5) What if I don't fulfill the requirements for the customization of the Crew Kit? We would be very upset. Just kidding: you will be able to purchase the discounted products in any case but we will not offer any customization other than the "standard" Regatta ESCP Europe one.

6) I want to make a unique large order of items. Is there any discount available? Sure! Contact us at store@regatta.eventures-escpeurope.eu and we will discuss about it. 

7) I cannot find the right size for me. What can I do? We took into account the size information you provided during the inscription, but we know that the fitting for some products may vary. In any case, you can check the official fitting maps of our products. If you prefer to have a size that it is not currently listed, let us know by writing at store@regatta.eventures-escpeurope.eu.


8) How can I pay? You will be redirected on our secured payment system GestPay where you will be able to proceed with the purchase with your credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard and Maestro accepted).
9) Can I pay in person in Palermo? Unfortunately no. For a matter of production and logistic, we will accept orders received exclusively via our Online Store.

10) Where will you deliver my products? You will be able to collect your products at your arrival in Palermo on May 14th, 2015. During the check-in, you will be required to provide your order number and, if needed, your Crew name. In less than no time, we will be able to hand you your brand new and inimitable products.